Find out which stars are the sweariest in music


Curse words are removed from the radio but often remain in artists’ songs. A choice of artist expression or use of emphasis, either way, it is interesting to compare which artists do and do not use swear words. In an article written by Alex Rivera titled “Language is an Art—Here are the Recording Artists that Curse the Most and Least” it is revealed that Megan Thee Stallion is not shy about swearing in her music—2,377 times, to be exact. stating she is the #1 female music artist with the biggest potty mouth. This is not surprising considering her song titled “Thot Sh*t”. 

Claiming that the Home connections team found other “colorful” findings in their rankings—after going word by word through lyrics from songs in the Billboard Top 200 for the past year, they discovered the musicians that do and don’t give a sh*t when it comes to swearing in their songs. 

Here’s what they found:

DaBaby swears the most out of any other artist and angel Harry Styles swears the least.

Here are some other musical tid-bits they found:

  • Pass the soap: The 28 artists in their list swore a combined 21,324 curse words.
  • J. Cole looks to the Future: While Future had the most swear words at 3,254, overall, his swearing only made up 2.69% of his lyrics. J. Cole had 3,247 swear words, making up 2.64% of his lyrics.
  • Savages Say So: From the artists that cursed the most, only two were female—Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.
  • T-Swift vs. H-Styles: Surprisingly, Taylor Swift curses more than Harry Styles. Swift cursed 150 times across her top tracks while we found zero curse words in Harry Styles lyrics.