Finding Optimism Through Treatment Options for Those with Type One Diabetes


More than a million Americans are living with Type One diabetes with many more cases being diagnosed every year. But as David Wylie reports, there are signs of optimism in the treatment of this disease.

Maintaining a patient’s blood sugar target is especially difficult with an active lifestyle. Work, and stress among other factors contribute to worsening health problems.

If you have T1D there is greater hope in the medical field than there ever has been. Both patients and physicians are eager to see even more improvements. Non-insulin treatments have been benefiting patients recently. To learn more about non-insulin therapies for those with Type 1 Diabetes check out Go Beyond Insulin Alone.

A national survey shows that despite progress, adults living with Type 1 Diabetes, or T1D, still struggle with the impact the disease has on their lives- not only the impact on their health but how it affects their daily routine. It is important to talk with your doctor about these challenges to find the right treatment option.

For more information about progress in diabetic treatments check out the segment below.