Football Star Kelee Ringo talks about Breast Cancer Awareness


Kelee Ringo, a University of Georgia graduate and Philadelphia Eagles cornerback, meets us to discuss women’s health with his mother, Tralee Hale, and Dr. Decarla Albright. They go into great depth regarding this critical issue. Kelee wants to utilize his notoriety to raise awareness about breast cancer and be an advocate for women’s health. He wishes to shed light on the early warning symptoms so that they might be identified and treated as soon as possible. 

Kelee’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer early in his undergraduate career; it was one of his most difficult experiences to go through and support his mother to go through. Kelee is also here to offer his support for individuals who are going through similar circumstances to his family.

Tralee discusses the critical need of being checked for cancer. She mentions the Ringo Family Foundation, which she and Kelee founded to help eradicate triple negative breast cancer, the most harmful form of breast cancer. She felt that the age of 40 was the best time to start getting examined for breast cancer, and she was correct, but there are other conditions in which women should get screened as early as 30. 

Tralee is now cancer-free and working hard to raise awareness about being examined if even the tiniest detail seems amiss. She is committed to shed light on this often taboo subject. She consults with her doctor, Dr. Albright, about the signs to be on the lookout for and the importance of getting screened, especially now since the pandemic has subsided. ‘

Many cases of breast cancer went undiagnosed since the pandemic first started which is a danger to women. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women.