From actress to writer, Azie Tesfai tells about her role in series “Supergirl”


You’ve seen her on hit show “Jane the Virgin,” and now star Azie Tesfai appears on “Supergirl,” but she does more than just act.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Tesfai and learn more about her role in Supergirl. Tesfai not only plays superhero “Guardian” in the show, but she also works behind the scenes with the writers.

During the pandemic, Tesfai was able to indulge in her passion for writing as she started working with a writing coach to create a sample script for Supergirl. By further developing her skills and working with colleagues, she was able to join the writer’s room and collaborate to produce an episode.

Her advantage was that she was already an actress for the show, so knowing the characters and their backgrounds was helpful when creating the script. This seamless effort to start writing was a fun experience for Tesfai.

Despite now taking on a role as a writer, Tesfai continues to play the role of Guardian, the superhero who helps people who feel left behind. What makes Guardian so special is that she is the first eritrean and ethiopian superhero. This incredible honor allows Tesfai to proudly represent her culture and to do so through her costume design and little tributes in the settings.

The gold braids in her hair, a restaurant named after her mom, and the tribute to Jackie Ormes, the first Black female comic writer, are some of the small connections that Tesfai made back to her culture.

Finally, Tesfai gives some insight on her journey through acting and writing. She says to value your own perspective and voice and to share it because no one has a similar perspective. Each experience you have is unique and should be shared, so start writing. There is always an audience to hear your story.

Supergirl airs every Tuesday at 9pm on The CW Network .