SOAR – Monarch Migration Opens Friday 10/1


After a successful four-month run featuring tropical butterflies in its brand new butterfly pavilion, South Coast Botanic Garden will open SOAR – Monarch Migration this Friday, October 1.

Monarchs have an important story to tell. While they may be the most well-known butterfly, their population is on a steep decline. Our exhibit will touch on what visitors can do to help.

“While we want to bring exciting and fun experiences to our Members and community, it’s even better when those experiences also provide education,” says Adrienne Nakashima, Chief Executive Officer of South Coast Botanic Garden. “The Monarch butterfly is a beloved member of our Garden, flying freely throughout our 87 acres. To be able to further educate the community about this beautiful species while providing a magical experience for all ages, well, that’s representative of everything the Garden strives to be.”

Monarchs are one of only a few butterfly species that migrate. At this brand-new exhibit, visitors are invited to come learn why, how and where they travel. In addition to educating visitors about the species’ migration, the Garden’s immersive pavilion will also feature a few mimics (other butterflies that may look like a Monarch but aren’t actually). Our in-person SOAR guides and our educational materials will help visitors become a butterfly detective so they can learn to tell the difference between the species in the pavilion.

The exhibit’s host and nectar garden outside the pavilion will be replanted with everything our Western Monarchs love, including milkweed, which helps repopulate this very special butterfly. Guests will also be provided with information on what plants they can plant in their own gardens to help repopulate Western Monarchs.

SOAR – Monarch Migration will run through November 30, 2021. Tickets are currently on sale for both Members and Non-Members.

For interviews or to plan a visit, please contact Stephanie Morino at or call 424-452-0926.


What: SOAR – Monarch Migration at South Coast Botanic Garden
When: Daily October 1 through November 30
Tickets: $5 for Members and up to $22 for non-members, which includes price of general admission



● Make sure to pick up a brochure at check in which will help you become a butterfly detective.


●  All COVID-19 protocols will be enforced within the pavilion

●  Food or drinks are not allowed in the pavilion

●  Strollers are not allowed in the pavilion

●  No removing butterflies from the pavilion

●  No touching the butterflies (if one lands on you, look but don’t touch!)