Genius Solution to Let Dogs GO!


The secret is out! Dogs are loving Bark Potty! This environmentally friendly solution replaces up to 60 pee pads and is a must-have for pet owners in small places, bad winter weather and/or who just need a place for their pet to “go”! 

Bark Potty is an all natural, multi-use, disposable pet potty that can last up to a whole month before it needs to be replaced! Unlike classic blue pee pads, Bark Potty is a chic, discreet, and eco-friendly option your pup will adore.

Pups love the natural smells of the bark that entice them to choose it over your bathroom rug time and again, while paw-rents love the leak-proof design, built-in poo bags, and convenience that Bark Potty offers! From balconies and patios to offices and living rooms, Bark Potty can be used anywhere you need!

  • Replaces up to 60 pee pads!
  • Lasts up to a month
  • All natural and recyclable
  • Proprietary bark is naturally antimicrobial
  • Attacks odors and inhibits odor causing bacteria
  • Repels moisture and promotes evaporation
  • Bark fibers draw liquids to the bottom, leaving the surface dry
  • Patent-pending design prevents kick-ups and is leak-free
  • Shipping is free in the continental US!

Available in stores nationwide, for purchase on and available on Amazon!