George Michael’s Backup Singers to Record a New Version of “Last Christmas” with Emme Lentino


The original backup singers for George Micheal link with Emme Lentino at the famous Metropolis Studios to record a vibrant re-imagining of the Christmas classic, “Last Christmas”

This new “Last Christmas” is powerful, maintaining the song’s melodic beauty and strength while imbuing it with a magnified and impassioned supercharged quality; Emme’s expressive and commanding vocal. “Last Christmas” is an impressive and laudable testament to this multi-faceted singer-songwriter, musician, film producer and actor’s notable, burgeoning career.

If you aren’t familiar already, Lentino is a U.S. born musician that has established a global presence and loyal fan base. Her voice has said to be a mix between Norah Jones and Stevie Nicks. The famed singer-songwriter is currently making waves worldwide with a sound that encompasses Pop, Rock with a twist of CountryThis genre-blending musical powerhouse recently topped Australian radio charts with her latest single “Some Other Girl,” which is also in steady rotation on MTV Australia and climbing the charts in America and the UK. Emme truly makes music worth getting lost in.

“I want to uplift, empower, show kindness and love and most of all hope to the masses. I am on a mission to bring a movement of hope to the world. Because I believe that no matter what we face, we can survive, thrive and help others. It is in helping others that we find purpose and identity,” Lentino said after explaining how music and family has allowed her to cope with the recent loss of her husband to cancer.

“Last Christmas” is an extraordinary and faithful rendition of an extraordinary song. During the upcoming holiday season Emme Lentino’s revitalized take is a warm and endearing revamp of that enduring musical experience.

You can listen to the preview of the new version of “Last Christmas” here.