Inside Peter Pan The Musical With Cathy Rigby


We are all familiar with the boy who never grows up. Olympic Gymnast, Cathy Rigby, has been playing Peter Pan for almost two decades. Her latest tour has her flying across stages in California.

With over two decades of experience in her belt, Cathy Rigby has been able to perfect her portrayal of the young boy who never grows up.

“You know, in my 20s and 30s, I would go through trying to be perfect with it and trying to do everything exactly right. And I find that the more I relax on those things, I know the character, he’s part of me, the more I let go of pre-conceived ideas, the more childlike I can become and the more spontaneous and the more direct and allow the character, allow myself to take time with every moment.  And it makes it better,” Rigby said.

The latest production of Peter Pan is pretty similar to the original, however a few updates have been put in place. The cast has received brand new costumes and a new set. Cathy even noted that the fight scenes have become more “daring” with stronger harnesses and wires.

While all the glitz and glamour is fun, Cathy noted that the thing she appreciates most is the story.

“When you take people on an adventure where you see a child who can’t grow up and a child who wants to experience the adventures that Wendy experiences with Peter and she chooses to get on with her life and to grow up, you see the benefits and the problems with both sides,” Rigby said.

Make sure to go see Cathy Rigby fly across the stage as she stars in Peter Pan The Musical.