Google vs. Alexa: Your State’s Favorite Smart Hub


The home security and smart tech experts of wanted to gauge the public’s interest in the two most popular smart hubs, Google Home and Amazon Echo (aka Alexa). In this new report, we break down the preference by state to see where each one is most popular.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Google is the nation’s most popular smart assistant—barely. Google Assistant wins in 24 states for search volume with a national average of 51% of the total search results between the two.
  • Alexa isn’t far behind at all, though. Amazon Alexa won 20 states for most search volume and takes 49% of the nation’s total search volume between the two terms.

Read the full report:

For more information on our findings and methodology, check out the full report, “Which does your state prefer: Google or Alexa?”