Halle Berry Stars in New Space Sci-Fi Movie ‘Moonfall’


This week on California Life, Alesia Stanford takes us on a little trip to the moon. Halle Berry is headed to space on a mission to save the world, featuring Patrick Wilson

Something ‘janky’ is going on with the moon and it’s about to start causing a lot of problems on Earth. Former astronaut Brian Harper encountered something like this years ago while on a space walk that turned disastrous. Jo Fowler, who was with him on that fateful mission, is still with the space agency, and although she’s earth-bound, she is bound and determined to do something about it. 

In writing and directing Moonfall, Roland Emmerich has put together a movie which combines a story about disaster and teamwork. Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and John Bradley make up the motley crew determined to save the planet or die trying. Berry says she was attracted to the project because it seemed to ‘reflect our current reality.’ 

“I think one of the reasons I really wanted to do Moonfall is it related to the odd times in which we find ourselves living with this COVID pandemic. Normally, disaster movies like these are movies that people seem to gravitate towards. We all have this fascination about the end of the world and what would that look like, and how we could live through that. Would we live through that? And because the pandemic is so much a part of our everyday life right now, a movie like this resonated with me in a different way. I thought it would be more relatable right now than ever before within the constructs of our life right now.”

Halle Berry

The studio has certainly put an enormous amount of time, talented, and money into building the sets and creating the special effects. Wilson believes that this sets the stage for enlightenment: 

“There’s a wonderful thing that films can do- no matter if they’re a tiny independent movie or huge spectacle- which is engage in conversation and make you think. Maybe you can change the way you look at a certain subject, maybe it can open your mind. Even if it’s not some heartrending drama, even if it’s a big fun splashy spectacle- and I think this movie can do that.”

Patrick Wilson

Moonfall is only in theaters. Stay safe and healthy- this is what’s going on at the movies!