Ron Jaworski’s New Heart Healthy Podcast


Once upon a time, Ron Jaworski was one of the top athletes in California. He was a star quarterback with the L.A. Rams. Now “Jaws” is taking on a new challenge. As we learn in this report, “Jaws” is now a heart healthy podcaster.

Jaworski started a new phase of his life. His podcast focuses on heart health:

“I thought when I started doing the show, I thought I’d just be a moderator and ask questions. But man, I dove right into it. I learned so much from brilliant people. I learned it’s such am amazing issue we must deal with when it comes to heart disease. More men and women are killed by heart disease than any other thing in the world.”

The reality is serious, cardiovascular patients are vulnerable to more “events” even after they have recovered from an initial heart attack. A good percentage will have another soon after a year.

Cardiologist Dr. David Strobl says:

“In fact, studies have suggested 50% of patients with that first heart attack will have another cardiovascular event. It might be another heart attack, stroke. It might be a cardiovascular procedure.”

Through hosting the podcast, Ron says he’s learned that it’s important for people to speak with their doctor as soon as possible so they can determine the right treatment for their situation.

The project became even more meaningful to Jaws after his brother passed away. You can learn more and listen to Ron’s podcast at