Help your kids understand the purpose of test assessment season while managing their stress


The season school kids dread, assessment test time, is fast approaching. But parents can help put kids’ minds at ease if they understand the care that goes into creating the tests and also the end goal.

Kids these days already have a lot on their plates and little downtime, so it is understandable that assessment tests add more stress. This is especially true when parents can’t help them fully understand or appreciate the benefits in taking them.

The test results serve as benchmarks for learning, unveiling useful information about where their kids are excelling and where enrichment programs could benefit them.

Pearson takes a lot of care in creating the tests, meeting with external experts and current educators to develop questions that will meet states academic standards. They also pride themselves on accommodating all students and circumstances.

It’s important for parents to help their kids manage stress leading up to that big day. Just like any big soccer tournament or school play, parents must emphasize to their students that this is just a snapshot of what they can do.

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