Vocal Health for Life! Valerie Morehouse Vocal Coach to the Stars


Valerie Morehouse is a powerhouse vocal coach to the stars!


It is no surprise that the vocal coach behind some of the music industry’s leading vocalists and artists is a powerhouse herself. Her dedication to maintaining singer’s voices has led her to develop techniques alongside doctors to increase range and maintain vocal health for ultimate success.

If you love singing, drama and romance then you would love the hit TV show Nashville on CMT! The show follows Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) and Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) fighting for their careers and finding themselves.

Britton and Panettiere might pull off their high notes with ease as country singers, but in real life, they needed a little help.

Hollywood’s top coach Valerie Morehouse works with these leading ladies along with most of the cast to make sure they are using their voices right and staying healthy.

The coach was in the right place and right time, landing her a role on the TV show doing what she does best… training singers!

Morehouse not only coaches the cast of Nashville, but has worked with some of the biggest names in industry like Britney Spears, Joe Jonas and Sia. Her long list of clients have found success thanks to Morehouse’s teaching style.

Recently, Noah Cyrus– younger sister of Miley Cyrus- is making headlines with singles such as Make Me Cry with the training from Valeria Morehouse which treats her clients like athletes.

Rachel Platten is a genuine talent who rose to the top of the charts with Fight Song. The song  speaks about the challenges she faced in her career, but thanks to Morehouse, having a powerful voice was not an issue.

For all of the Morehouse’s tips into singing like your favorite pop star, watch the full interview below.