How To: Love Like Dawson on National Kindness Day


In honor of National Kindness Day, we’re sharing the message of how one family built a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in honor of their son’s life. Learn more about what the Hartwig family’s Love Like Dawson campaign is all about on our show this week.


Dawson Hartwig, son of San Bernardino County Fire Department Chief Mark Hartwig, is remembered by his friends and family as being full of love and friends with everyone.

“I call him a lover, from the time he was old enough to smile and hug, he would just love on people,” Hartwig said in an interview on January 31st, 2017. “He always had a skip in his step.”

Almost immediately after hearing the news of Dawson Hartwig’s untimely death in Lake Arrowhead, the hashtag #LoveLikeDawson started trending on social media websites. It started as a way for Hartwig’s friends and family to stay connected to each other throughout the grieving process and the inspiring community turned into a movement to do good work for others in honor of Dawson’s life.

The Hartwig family turned the social media community into the Love Like Dawson movement, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires others to learn more about how Dawson lived his life: full of love.

The #LoveLikeDawson campaign is a non-profit organization that has spread across the globe, influencing others to love in a selfless, unconditional way. The non-profit acts as a remembrance of Dawson Hartwig, who had a huge heart for others, no matter who they were or where they were from.

Learn more about Dawson Hartwig’s Family in the segment below.

#LoveLikeDawson on California Life HD:

“Dawson was a lover since day 1 in so many different ways. While he had tough skin, he had a HUGE heart and loved and cared for others in ways that many of us don’t know. Those of us that were close to Dawson got a glimpse of the love he had and it was inspiring.” Read more.

In just 20 years of life, Dawson’s kindness compassion and caring for others touched many people.  All proceeds will directly benefit children in poverty worldwide through Water of Life’s Global Outreach.

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