Opportunity Knock$ invites you to apply for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured on this new and financially rewarding television series. Each participating cast member or family receives $30,000 and customized financial guidance from an expert who will leverage that money to help you achieve your financial dreams and permanently change your life. The goal of the show is to help people build better lives not only for participants but for all who view their journeys.

Opportunity Knock$ is a financial empowerment series. If cast, you will be matched with one of three Opportunity Coaches and provided with the tools and access to resources that will unlock your full financial potential in a groundbreaking timeframe. The coaches are certified financial experts Jean Chatzky of Money Matters and financial editor of NBC’s Today Show, Louis Barajas, Wealth and Business Management firm owner and Patrice Washington, host of the Redefining Wealth Podcast. All are transformative speakers and award-winning authors on finance and personal success who have helped thousands of people just like you to transform their lives.

Fashioned like a matched savings, the prize funds are directly applied to the most powerful move each individual or family can make to build long-term financial stability. If that is a home, the funds are a down payment, taxes and emergency repair savings. If that is college, it is a scholarship and wage replacement. If it is a business, it is working capital.

Emmy Award-Winning Executive Producer Jamie Hammond will surely continue the recognition her previous work has received, including Bill Nye the Science GuyBizKid$MasterChef USA and Second Opinion with Joan Lunden. Ms. Hammond has earned the Parent’s Choice Award from the nonprofit Parents’ Choice Foundation and the Telly Award honoring excellence in video and television across all screens. Opportunity Knock$ is a continuation of her life-long goal to inspire, educate and entertain viewers. You can be assured this is not exploitation, rather educational through an entertainment lens.

Television has the power to change lives and this show will do so through inspirational stories of families who are working to achieve their dreams and given access to opportunities most people don’t know exist which can change not only their lives, also those of viewers across the nation.

The show, which features Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), selected five cities including yours, that will introduce people to financial institutions that improve lives by providing access to loans and financial services not otherwise available through traditional channels. The cities for the first season are Orange County/Los Angeles, CA, Tampa, FL, Baton Rouge, LA, El Paso, TX, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Philadelphia, PA.

By appearing on the show, you will give people the courage to talk bravely about money, to see that opportunities exist and where to find them. You will inspire viewers, break stereotypes, and give people the evidence they need, by example, to see that they too can build better lives!

Opportunity Knock$ is scheduled to premiere on public television in the Fall of 2022. Season One will focus on heroes including a medical worker who helped to keep society running during a worldwide pandemic, a military family who suffers financial hardship with every move from city to city and country to country, someone negatively impacted by a natural disaster, a business owner or entrepreneur who is having difficulty surviving in these tough financial times, a teacher who manages to keep our children interested and involved, and will recognize the personal sacrifices you each make. In turn, you can give hope and help to others just by sharing your journey.

The show is part of a larger initiative hosted by the National Council for Financial Opportunities to connect underestimated people with community resources and financial opportunities from national non-profits and not-for-profit Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI’s) to achieve Financial Resiliency, Financial Accessibility, and Economic Mobility. The initiative comprises the show, the online Opportunity Finder, technology, podcasts, roadshows, and materials to assist Americans on their journeys to economic transformation.

Will you answer the door when Opportunity Knock$? Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of the largest coordinated economic mobility campaign in U.S. History and be compensated with $30,000 for your participation.

Act now by applying here by November 15, 2021: Join the Cast!or by visiting