Just 1 in 5 Californians passed a Golden State history test


Devoid of social interaction over the pandemic, many of us have noticed a frustratingly subtle, gradual mental deterioration – dubbed having a ‘pandemic brain‘. We have tried keeping our brains sharp by playing online games, or watching more historical or educational documentaries, rather than the likes of Tiger King or Too Hot to Handle… However, no matter what, our brains still feel sluggish and unstimulated. To gauge the nation’s mental acuity, and help us transition back to our pre-pandemic brains, Solitaired.com, carried out a national test, focusing on the subject of history, which emerged with some interesting results…

They quizzed 3,844 respondents and the results uncovered that many Californians didn’t find high school history class their strong suit! 

An example question asked in the quiz:

California once declared itself an independent country- for how long?*

1. One day

2. One month

3. One year

It appears Rhode Islanders, Oklahomans, Mississippians, and Hawaii residents are most clued about the history of their home states, with a 77% pass rate; and Texans came in next with a 76% pass rate. However, on the opposite end of results, only 21% of Californians passed the quiz about their home state, meaning a 79% majority are clueless about The Golden State’s past.

Solitaired.com created an online quiz for readers to test their own knowledge of their state’s history:

The Great American History Quiz

‘Across the country, it’s evident that many have been affected by ‘pandemic brain’ says Neal Taparia of Solitaired.com‘Participating regularly in mind-stimulating games and pop quizzes, as well as brainteasers, like wordsearches and word puzzles can help maintain optimal focus and sharpness during your everyday life.’

*The correct answer is one month.