Inside look at Sophia Hammons’ new movie “Under Wraps”


Sophia Hammons, star of new Disney movie Under Wraps, sits down with Elise Thuresson to talk about her role as Amy in the Halloween film. She also shares some background how she ended up becoming an actor.

Like most actors, Hammons started out in musical theater. She started singing and dancing, but after landing the role as a blade of grass in “The Lion King”, she was curious to learn more about acting. After taking acting classes and getting an agent, Hammons was ready for some bigger roles.

The role of Amy in Under Wraps was intriguing for Hammons because of how assertive Amy is. Her fierceness and fearlessness makes Amy unique and a fun character for Hammons to play. She says that she also relates to Amy, as Amy is the new person on the block like Hammons is the new person in the Disney family.

Being new to something can be hard, but her co-workers made it an easy transition, Working with both Malachi Barton and Christain J. Simon has been so rewarding, Hammons says. Not only are they best friends on the show, but they are very close off screen as well.

“As soon as I did a chemistry read with them during the audition process I knew this was going to be it, it was like an instant connection,” says Hammons. “I think our chemistry off screen really shows on screen.”

Now that she’s played some scary roles and some Disney roles, Hammons says that she is looking to play characters who have complex relationships with their friends, families, and even themselves.

You can watch Hammons in Under Wraps now on Disney Channel and Disney Plus!