The 2,500 dollar disconnection—Get paid to quit social media!


Imagine getting paid to NOT go on social media — is that even possible? It is now with All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T retailer! All Home Connections is rewarding one lucky applicant with a $2,500 cash prize for pausing their social media use for 25 days with their detox challenge!

Social media, while being incredibly helpful in connecting people and providing useful information, has probably also caused you to procrastinate and maybe even caused you stress. You are not the only one, and that is why All Home Connections is giving people the opportunity to unplug and relax, and with a reward!

This extra motivation is to promote healthy use of media consumption, and the winner will not only get $2,500, but a care package full of self-improvement goodies!

Are you interested? Let’s check out what you need to do.


Step one

Spend 5 days tracking their mood while using social media as normal. Learn the latest TikTok dance and double tap to their heart’s content…if they want.

Step two

For the following 25 days, delete social media apps from their phone and tablet. That means resisting the temptation to peek on their computer or over a friend’s shoulder!

Step three

For those 25 days, set goals and work on them regularly. Continue tracking your mood and activities on the provided app and task sheet.

Step four

At the end of the month, share how the detox affected you in a short write-up or video. Epiphanies welcome but not required!

What else could you win?

Along with the $2,500 you will receive a goodie bag with the following things to preoccupy your time!

  • Instant-print camera
  • Journal or planner
  • Coloring book and pencils
  • Books
  • Board games
  • Baking supplies
  • Language-learning app
  • The Adventure Challenge scratch-off book
  • Mood tracker app

Are you ready to become detoxified? Apply here! Applications to apply close Monday, October 25, 2021, at 12pm noon MT.