Interview with Ford GT specialist at Laguna Seca

The Speed Journal starts at 14:38

This week on California Life with Heather Dawson, the Speed Journal interviews Ford GT specialist Bernardo Martinez at Laguna Seca.

Martinez is part of the Ford GT concierge team, so he gives us insight into to how the team works and what he does.

The new, third generation Ford GT was first announced in 2016, creating lots of excitement.

The concierge program, according to Martinez, helps customers “shop, buy and own experience” with their new Ford GT. In 2016, anybody interested in purchasing the car had to go through an application process. After that, the concierge team selected a handful of customers for around the first three years of production.

During this application process, Ford wanted to get to know the customers and their relationship to Ford. According to Martinez, Ford wanted to know what customers own, what they drive, and how they use it. Applicants were also offered the opportunity to send in a one minute video telling their story.

Martinez helps the concierge team deliver the car, essentially being a Santa Claus. During this delivery process, the team doesn’t deliver more than two cars a day because they want to make sure the owners know everything about their new car. How to operate the engine, check the oil, etc.

Martinez said the new Ford GT is bridging the divide between race cars and streetcars. The usual discrepancy between these two cars is large, but the Ford GT is making it less.

Martinez said the GT uses the “exact same monocoque tub,” the seating position is the same, there’s many similarities. However, he specified that race cars are still a little lighter and wider. Martinez added that the streetcar actually has more power!