Kate Middleton tops Meghan Markle as the Biggest Fashion Influencer in 2020


The year of 2019 was the year of Meghan Markle in the fashion industry, according to the 2019 ‘Year in Fashion’ Index. However, the demand for Kate Middleton‘s fashion style takes a huge leap this year, whereas Meghan Markle‘s fashion sense dwindles in the influential world.

LovetheSales.com’s data team have analysed every outfit publicly worn by the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge in 2020.

Most Influential Looks Of 2020

Based on their data, they found that the online demand for Meghan Markle’s fashion choices in 2017-2019 lead to an average increase of 216%. However, that percentage of people searching for her “looks” has drastically decreased this year at an average of 31%.

Internet searches for Kate Middleton’s outfits were at an average of 119% in 2017-2019. That number has increased to 159% this year.

LovetheSales.com’s data team broke down the power of fashion these two Duchesses hold in 2020.

Kate’s most influential look of 2020 arose in her recent trip to Ireland. The Duchess impressed in all green, wearing her Alexander McQueen trench coat and Suzannah London vintage polka dress. She matched this with a Jimmy Choo clutch and black Ralph Lauren suede boots.

The coat was a hit that had online shoppers in a huge fashion frenzy, where the demand for Alexander McQueen increased to about 233% online, and general searches for trench coats went up to 93% in the past week.

Meghan’s most popular outfit was when she delivered a beautiful speech on International Women’s Day at a school in Dagenham. Being one of her last interactions as a senior loyal in the UK, she definitely stood out with her choice of outfit.

The Duchess wore a cream boucle jacket by ME and EM, black Alexander McQueen trousers, Jennifer Chamandi nude pumps and a Rejina Pyo weave bag.

The jacket was a huge hit, where searches for “boucle jackets” drastically shot up by 92% within days after the event.

Kate’s Casual Attire Is A Hit With UK Shoppers

Even though Kate is high-class royalty, she still knows how to dress down with casual attire.

Most commonly popular with the Brits, Kate’s sense of fashion mostly consisted of high street brands: Mango, Zara, Reiss, and Mark’s and Spencer’s.

She wore vegan-friendly shoes that became insanely popular with British shoppers, increasing in demand by 165%. These shoes were searched for over 2,000 times and were sold out on the Mark’s and Spencer’s website.

Is ‘The Kate Effect’ the new ‘Meghan Effect’?

From 2017 to 2019, ‘The Meghan Effect’ had officially outshone ‘The Kate Effect’. But since the royal couple’s announcement to move to Canada, her outfit choices haven’t been quite a hit this year.

Similarly, Markle’s dresses and gowns haven’t been a hit this year in comparison to past years.

Meghan wore a red Safiyaa capelet gown to the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, similar to blue Safiyaa gown she wore on her visit to Fiji in 2018.

The effect it had on shoppers were very different, being a total hit on the internet at an increased demand of 223% in 2018, whereas the red gown she wore this year only had a demand of 38%.

Unexpected Twinning

Another example of of Middleton’s grown popularity overpowering Meghan Markle’s fashion inspiration followers, is when they happened to match exact jackets on the same day (weird, right?). Online shoppers searched for Kate’s coat 8 times more than Meghan’s.

The fashion industry is changing every day, where styles come and go but the power of fashion inspiration that these two women have, will last forever.

Analysis is based on the combined Google search queries and the search queries, page views and sales metrics of 4 million British shoppers searching 6 million fashion items on LovetheSales.com.

Research based on every outfit publicly worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, in 2020.

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