LA company takes handmade soaps to a whole new “level”


A Los Angeles company is taking handmade soaps, lotions and candles to a whole new “level.”

Level Naturals is an all-natural bath and body care company located in one of the world’s largest artist colonies, The Brewery.

“Everything’s vegan, it’s gluten-free, it’s hand-made here in downtown Los Angeles,” co-founder Sabrina Roberson told California Life.

Roberson and best friend Jonathan Dubuque, both former chefs, came up with the idea for Level on a stormy, wine-filled night in Hawaii. Then, they spent a year learning how to make everything. A year marked by a lot of trials and errors.

“We made some truly horrific combinations of smells,“ Dubuque said.

They eventually came up with more than a dozen signature scents like “Patchouli and Orange Peel,” “Eucalyptus Lime” and “White Lavender.”

And everything from start to finish is handmade.

“The really cool thing about a hand-made product is how unique each one comes out as,” Dubuque said. “Much like a fingerprint, each one of our bars of soap is different and unique and special because of that.”

This week on California Life, our Audra Stafford takes you inside the headquarters for Level Naturals. Check out the story below!