Managing Type 1 Diabetes


According to health experts, type 1 diabetes is on the increase, impacting 1.6 million people and 283,000 children. According to CDC estimates, such figures might rise by 65% over the next four decades.

According to Dr. Greg Forlenza, a pediatric endocrinologist, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness in which the immune system kills the cells in the body that produce insulin. As a result, persons with type 1 diabetes must take insulin replacement every day and with every meal.

For people with type 1 diabetes, the tests and injections need considerable lifestyle changes. Izzi, 15, shares her experience with type 1 diabetes. She says it was hard at first since she had to take insulin shots. Previously, persons with type 1 diabetes, such as Izzi, had to administer repeated insulin injections and perform finger prick tests throughout the day, but that’s all changing now. The Medtronic MiniMed 780G is a new FDA-approved insulin pump device with meal recognition technology that allows automated sugar level changes and corrections.

Dr. Greg Forlenza says that with the Medtronic MiniMed 780G, they’ve begun using artificial intelligence and automations to make it so that people with diabetes don’t have to worry about their blood sugar as much because the automation technology in this system adjusts insulin dosing every five minutes in real time and enables people to have more stable blood sugars with automation taking over more and more of the requirements for paying attention to your blood sugar.

The Medtronic MiniMed 780G has changed the lives of people like Izzi. She claims that her life has been less stressful, and she has been able to participate in more things that she previously had not been able to do. She tells us she doesn’t have to worry about her diabetes at school, and her parents can follow her blood sugar on an app on their phone that connects to an app on her phone, so they don’t have to worry as much while she’s not with them. She also mentions that when she exercises, she can set a temperature target, which helps maintain her blood sugars consistent and where they should be.

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