Mental Transformation and Breaking Through Mental Barriers with Sheryl Grant


Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to look like it, feel like it, or have it slow you down. Miss Olympia helps you get more out of your business, career and life.

Her program FIT for Business stems from her desire to get into shape which has always been there. Fitness has always been a priority for her, however taking it to the level of competition was a whole new arena. The sole purpose then was of transforming her body. She wanted to see what it would look like at the age of 55 to transform her body.

What she didn’t realize is that this journey would take her on an experience to not only transform her body, but more importantly transform her mind. Being fit is really more than just about a physical fitness, it also required that she realign her nutrition.

What seemed okay in the past was no longer optional to get to the competitive level. In order for her to get to that physical stamina whe had to rethink of how she interacted with food.

She has taken all those tools that led her to become in 2017 Miss Olympia, and launch the FIT for Business program. It’s about mental transformation and breaking through mental barriers of where you are today to get you where you want to be tomorrow. FIT for Business stands for Faith, Intuition and Tenacity.

The message is geared to women and particularly women of color. The reason why, is because of her own struggles through corporate America and not being heard, not being valued, not being appreciated and respected. As a woman, her passion is to inspire women.

She created his program to target women and give them specific tools that they can use to overcome any perceived obstacle in their life.