Mother Knows Best!-Review of NurturMe Organic Baby Food


Up until recently, the thought of baby food made me gag. And for one simple reason. My son’s unbridled hatred for it left a bitter taste in my mouth. To each his own, but I have never been able to make peace with the amount of additives added to typical jarred baby foods, so like any millennial, stay-at-home mom, I decided to make my own. For someone who can go toe to toe with Rachel Ray but not quite Bobby Flay, I pride myself on being a decent amateur chef, and I was whipping up gourmet purees in no time, but as it turns out, my 9-month-old is the pickiest of the picky eaters. From apples to zucchini, he hated it all. You couldn’t pry his little mouth open with the jaws of life. I tried everything from tricking him with pizza to slip in a spoonful when he finally opened up to squeeze pouches, and in the process I learned one thing – for someone who doesn’t speak, he sure knows how to say No.

So, I was inevitably forced to go the more traditional route and started experimenting with store bought baby foods, but never felt comfortable. And that’s when I was fortunately introduced to NurturMe, an organic baby food line that is made with ONLY fresh, organic ingredients and get this – my son actually eats them. No fancy airplane sounds needed.

Often, the perks of writing a mommy blog are that you get to try out some pretty cool stuff you wouldn’t normally know about. In this case, this product was not only neat-o also a lifesaver. I learned about NurturMe when I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the founders for this blog, Caroline Freedman, . Caroline told me that NurturMe prides itself on being the Tummy Friendly brand with a mission to keep tummies happy and healthy by promoting good digestive health. And NurturMe accomplishes this with their variety of organic, non-GMO verified products that are free from common allergens like gluten, dairy, soy and egg that can upset sensitive bellies, and void of any added preservatives, sugars or salts, but does add probiotics and immunity support.

Determined to feed my son only the purest and best food, for months, I thought this could only be accomplished by making it myself-which, by the way, is a pain in the you know what. And even after all that work, my son didn’t even eat it. Down the drain and in the garbage, meal after meal. So, imagine the relief I felt when I finally found not only a brand he will tolerate, but it’s full of all the good stuff too. Their power blends for super immunity combine ingredients like banana, pumpkin and celery or carrot, mango, and apple for nutritious and tasty meals, to name a few. They also have a line of ancient grain cereals that mix foods like pears, spinach, amaranth and quinoa. And as it turns out, quinoa plays a quintessential role in the creation of NurturMe. Caroline, now a mother of three, was on a very similar journey in researching and making her own baby food for her first born like I did when she started incorporating quinoa. And it was the unique use of quinoa as a replacement to rice or wheat that helped launch NurturMe, and made it stand out from the crowd.

But NurturMe is far from just purees. They have a whole line of snacks for the whole family. For toddlers and kids they have quinoa squares, ancient grain cookies and dairy free yogurt alternatives. And when I say for toddlers and kids, in reality, don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to sneak some for yourself. But the best part is you won’t have to because they were designed with adults in mind. Caroline says the cookies, crackers and yogurt are intended for the whole family to enjoy. So that means you no longer have to buy “your” yogurt and the “kids” yogurt. It’s a one stop shop in the store which makes it super convenient when you’re shopping. And speaking of convenience, you don’t have to go to Timbuktu to find this brand. It is readily available in select Target stores, Kroger, Sam’s Club and best of all, Amazon.

For a business that started in the simple setting of a mom on a mission to feed her child only the best to the ever-evolving enterprise that it is today, Caroline has succeeded in not only nourishing her children, but other children and families, and additionally, the souls of moms everywhere. She told me that when she first started the business she was working full time, and working on the business on the weekends all with a brand-new infant to take care of. I’m lucky if I remember to brush my teeth. Caroline and her friend and fellow founder, Lauren de la Rosa, are the epitome of super moms spreading super foods far and wide.

And Caroline tells me that they plan to continue expanding, not only into more brick and mortar locations, but with a growing roster of foods that will continue to satisfy the whole family.

Now if all this sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone. I thought the same thing, but my mind was quickly changed when the battle with my baby finally left me the victor. It’s what I was trying to create in my own kitchen, but NurturMe does it better…and it’s so much easier. I can promise you won’t be disappointed and your happy tummies can thank me later.