Mount Rushmore odds list includes Trump, Kanye, Kim and Oprah


Earlier this week, news surfaced that the White House is attempting to get Donald Trump’s mug on Mount Rushmore. 

That got Vegas thinking…who will be the next person added to the iconic national monument in South Dakota?

The President’s odds (100/1) aren’t great as there are 10 candidates in front of him, but he has better chances than most of the celebrities and athletes on the list. 

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Next person to be added to Mount Rushmore (Must be announced by U.S. Government before 2022)

Martin Luther King Jr. 20/1

John F. Kennedy 25/1

Franklin D. Roosevelt 33/1 

Frederick Douglass 40/1

Ben Franklin 40/1

Alexander Hamilton 50/1

Barack Obama 60/1

Rosa Parks 66/1

Harriet Tubman 66/1

Andrew Jackson 80/1

Oprah Winfrey 90/1

Donald Trump 100/1

Michael Jackson 125/1

Bill Gates 150/1

Michael Jordan 250/1

LeBron James 300/1

Brad Pitt 300/1

Babe Ruth 300/1

Kim Kardashian 500/1

Kanye West 1000/1