New beauty treatments that will give you a natural look & extra boost of confidence


Non-invasive beauty treatments are no longer a taboo in our society instead they are becoming just as common as spending a day at the salon to get highlights or a manicure.

Leslie Fletcher, aesthetic nurse injector at the InjectAbility Clinic, is one of the most sought after beauty innovators in the world inventing the ArqueDerma technique and two other in-house treatments: Microtox and Instatox.

These treatments help both men and women of all ages get a natural, beautiful look.

The InjectAbility clinic’s business has been growing more than 50 percent a year- an unheard of rate for the industry.

Fletcher, who is also busy teaching aesthetic education through her InjectAbility Institute, created the new VIP program showcasing some of the world’s top injectors as guests to help with the clinic’s high demand.

For more on the InjectAbility clinic’s treatments and VIP program, watch Brooke Schlyer’s story below. Or catch this week’s episode of California Life with Heather Dawson airing statewide.