New Data Reveals Who Does the Most Housework in America: Men or Women? Homeowners or Home Renters?


Now that were all quarantined in our homes, housework can be a good way to stay busy, stay physically active and a way to knock off those projects we’ve been neglecting for far too long. 

Using the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Craftjack set out to determine where in America people are spending the most time on housework, whether men or women spend more time working on their homes, and if people who rent their homes spend more time on housework or homeowners do.

Here’s what they found:

  • The average American spends 1.5 hours per day doing housework. 
  • Residents of Maine, Connecticut and Vermont spend the most time on their homes. Residents of Montana, Arkansas and Missouri spend the least.
  • Homeowners spend more time on housework on average (1.7 hours per day) than those who rent (1.2 hours per day).
  • While men and women contribute significantly to housework, men on average spend more time than women. This is true both for interior work (men spend 25% more time) and exterior work (men spend 115% more time), however for the specific task of interior cleaning, they’re about even on time spent. 

Data for this report was compiled from the 2018 American Time Use Survey, conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics