NEWEST: NBA All-Star and Entrepreneur Baron Davis joins the speaker roster

The businessman and basketballer is using his platform and knowledge to fund entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is fertile ground for startups in 2020 and Baron is open as a potential advisor, investor, or brand ambassador. Perhaps in your company.

// BARON Davis is a two-time NBA All-Star, serial-entrepreneur, investor and creator of thought-provoking content and platforms.
During his years in the NBA, Davis was constantly listening and learning on and off the court. He networked heavily, which ignited a successful post-NBA business career. Through the process of being his own agent, he fell forward in the role of being a disciplined business owner. Baron decided to use his brand platform and the knowledge he gained to support others. Through purposeful investing, he funded entrepreneurs and start-ups that he believed in. Baron started Sports and Lifestyle in Culture (SLiC), The Black Santa CompanyBIGNo Label, and has invested in others.            
Davis was one of the original investors in Vitaminwater and helped launch e-commerce organic food retailer Thrive Market. This year he invested in Kitu Super Coffee, an organic ready-to-drink coffee company. Baron is also Brand Ambassador for UNest an app that helps individuals save for College. 2020 has a been a wild year—the perfect time to CONNECT // FORWARD

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