Novavax’s vaccine may help protect against COVID’s Fifth Wave


With new variants of coronavirus ever emerging, it’s important to remain vigilant about your health.

Right now, the virus is still killing over 300 people per day.

At its peak, it killed over 3,000 people per day.

This year, under COVID’s fifth wave, we’re predicting a fall and winter surge.

Even so, end-of-the-year spikes can be mitigated by staying up to date on your vaccines and boosters.

This is why Novavax is a great new option to prevent and protect yourself from COVID-19.

Although Novavax’s investigational vaccine has not been approved or authorized yet by the U.S., we are still in the midst of a surge and three years into the pandemic, looking for more options.

With more options, people are empowered to choose what’s right for them as they talk to their physicians.

To learn more, talk to your doctor COVID-19 risk and vaccination.