One-of-a-Kind NFT Portrait of Tom Brady, by Award-Winning Artist Jesse Dittmar, Begins it Bidding Phase


Jesse Dittmar, world-renowned, award-winning photographer and pioneer in the NFT space, has unveiled a unique portrait of the NFL’s most distinguished Quarterback, Tom Brady.

Tom Brady, the quarterback best known for taking the New England Patriots to multiple Super Bowl championships before more recently moving over to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is the focal point of Jesse Dittmar’s newest, biddable NTF portrait.

Dittmar’s portrait, titled Tom Brady : 7, will be available for bidding until April 2nd (9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern) over on OpenSea. Whoever submits the winning bid will also unlock contact information for an accompanying signed physical print by Jesse Dittmar.

“The best quarterback of all time was my first choice to enter the NFT space where you’re seeing so much collide in the sports, art, and technology space. This was one of the most important shoots of my career.” – Jesse Dittmar

Tom Brady: 7 features the iconic quarterback in a beautiful black and white image, photographed on Ilford 3200 film. The analog negative was scanned and imported digitally, then converted into a looped, pulsating portrait that abruptly resets with a spliced frame representing the best quarterback of all times seven championship wins.

Jesse Dittmar, is an award-winning artist working with The New York Times and The Washington Post and brands like Apple and Hulu. The New Yorker, People, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and New York Magazine have all published his work. He has photographed the most accomplished figures of the 21st century, including Denzel Washington, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Tom Hanks, Patti Smith, David Letterman, the cast of Star Wars, and hundreds of more. Typically, using black and white film, Jesse’s photographs invoke a sense that one is standing in front of the subject along with him. He humanizes our most renowned figures and photographs those who are not famous in an equalizing manner. His portraits are iconic in their simplicity and intimacy. His NFT collection is an organic extension of themes explored throughout his career.