Pain Free Tattoo Removal? Much More Realistic Than You May Think


Although tattoos are an increasingly common part of today’s society, many people find that their ink doesn’t necessarily reflect themselves as they get older. Most commonly known as a permanent stamp on one’s skin, new technology allows for pain free tattoo removal in the case of second thoughts.

The Medley Tattoo Removal System takes any fears about unwanted impermanence and gets rid of them. Amy Taub of Advanced Dermatology explains that with the anesthesia they developed, the patient’s feel absolutely zero pain.

“I had my tattoo over twenty years ago and my lifestyle has changed so much now that I’m a family man, a father,  I don’t think it reflects good on my son very well so thats why Im getting it removed”

Tattoo ink particles are only slightly large enough to avoid being disintegrated by cells within our body. The Medley Tattoo Removal System uses a laser to break the tattoo particles into smaller pieces so that the cells then absorb them and eliminate those as waste.

“Im looking forward to going to the pool and taking my top off and not being so self conscious with my son and other people around me.”

Tattoo removal has historically been a painful and lengthy process, but the Medley Tattoo Removal System is changing the game.