Phillip Silverstein Transports Viewers Around the World Without Leaving the Living Room with His Fine Art


International photographer Phillip Silverstein transports viewers around the world without leaving the living room with his fine art imagery. With the pent up feeling that plagues the minds of citizens everywhere due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all itching for a sense of travel and wanderlust. 52 countries and counting, Silverstein captures the beauty, essence, and marvel of nature in its purest form with a single shutter click. Through his lens, you will experience his journey as if it were your own. Silverstein works closely with tourism boards and businesses when he travels, helping locals gain a sense of appreciation of their own city by showcasing his unique vision. Highlighting the beauty of remote and exotic destinations as well as portraying familiar cityscapes in a refreshing light, Silverstein has made a significant mark in the Los Angeles photography scene, capturing many breathtaking images of the Venice Canals, Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Pier, and Downtown LA. Scaling a 60-story building and sitting on the edge of the roof or hanging out of the side of an open-doored helicopter to capture an image are a few of the extreme measures Silverstein has done to deliver unique perspectives.

His most recent showing titled “Global Citizen” in LA featured some of his first works as an artist amongst recent trips and productions. “F A C A D E S,” an image of the side of the Hollywood Sign at golden hour, captured via helicopter, was displayed next to a Blacks Beach sunbather and a stunning palm tree-lined sunset image over DTLA. The preview featured 16 works from Chile, Japan, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, Thailand, New York, and California. So far in 2020,  Silverstein visited Egypt, Israel, Istanbul, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, adding the Matterhorn and Pyramids to his collection. His trip was cut short due to COVID, leaving Spain for the States the following day after the announcement of the travel ban. His remaining travel plans for 2020 are to return to Japan in the fall for the Maple Leaf Season and visit Southern Africa, shooting the Namib Desert and Bilbao trees of Madagascar. His fine art collection moves you from one side of the world to the other in an instant and helps you to see the world as Phillip does, in a positively optimistic light. “Life is beautiful, and if you are looking to experience beautiful moments with an open mind and heart, they will appear for you,” he said to visitors at the exhibit. His works tell tales of beauty amongst the madness, showcasing stunning sunsets and city scenes, capturing captivating moments that people from all over can relate to.

“I am constantly trying to learn more about ways to better my craft, open my mind, or find new locations to shoot. My work gives me something to look forward to every day and unlocks the world in ways I could have never imagined, connecting a kid from small town South Carolina to amazing people and opening doors to unforgettable places. My curious eye and broad vision help me see and capture unique angles most photographers miss. I hope my photos inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and try something that they wouldn’t normally do otherwise. When I was an athlete, I would have never thought I could be a photographer, until the day picked up a camera,” said Silverstein. “My artwork is a testament to being able to do anything you put your mind to, and the positive outcomes of following your passion.  Pursuing your purpose is the most important thing in life and many of us have lost the desire to find out what that is, letting our careers define us. Finding our purpose can only be done by experiencing what life has to offer and listening deep within to what we connect most with. These images are the evidence and result of my journey to do so.”

Phillips’ ultimate goal is to open galleries all over the world, partnering with local artists and using proceeds to give back to each community by working with nonprofits and building art and photography youth programs. Philip currently donates 10% of artwork sales proceeds to various nonprofits and NGOs. 

He currently is exploring an exclusive series curated by Natalie Brady. Her artists from around the globe will join forces with Phillip by using his images of their hometowns and introducing their art onto them creating one of a kind works. He is also working on installations throughout Los Angeles, introducing the sunshine and beach shots to industrial areas bringing light into the city. 

Exquisite imagery portrayed in high-end finishings make a quick getaway to light up any home or office. Phillip’s works are showcased on his website and