Planning a Family Vacation? Disney Travel Expert Has You Covered


Disney Travel Expert Jeanenne Tornatore joins us in studio to offer tips on how to plan the perfect family vacation.

Disney Travel Expert Jeanenne Tornatore visits us in studio to talk Disney & Travel

Family travel is on the rise!

More than 27% of families are planning to take three or more vacations in the next year.

Tornatore shares the recent trend is going somewhere different. Families are reverse engineering their vacation planning:

Instead of just choosing their destination, they think about what experience and activities they want to do first.

Once they know how and where to go in order to have those experiences as a family, they can plan their next vacation.

Disney is embracing this new trend. With so much more than Disney parks, families can have those experiences through Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney.

One of the many dreamy destinations sponsored by Adventures by Disney: a trip to Mont Saint-Michel’s medieval masterpiece

Adventures by Disney curated all encompassing tours of everything from close to home or a tour of Japan.

Disney also provides family experiences for all ages. It’s great to take young children to the parks, but for older kids who want more of an enriched travel experience, Adventures by Disney is the perfect way to travel and educate your children by immersing them into different cultures and experiences.

Tornatore’s First Tip: Know When To Go

The cheapest times to travel are going to be early June and late August.

If you have the flexibility, like smaller children, Tornatore strongly suggests traveling before everyone else does. You will find much better deals!

Tip 2: Broaden Your Lodging Options

It’s not just about hotels anymore.

There are so many more options out there: Disney’s resort Aulani has a hotel room option while also including their Disney Vacation Club condos.

It’s perfect for multi-generation families because the grandparents may want to stay in a hotel room while the parents prefer a condo with more space. Yet at the end of the day, the whole family is still on the same property.

Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii

Looking for family trips in Southern California? Adventures by Disney has you covered with some of the most top-secret behind the scenes tours of Disney.

You can go to Disney Studios and explore where the Imagineers make their Disney magic.

Walt Disney Imagineers drawing up new designs at Disney Studios

From creating their newest attraction or visiting the apartment Walt Disney stayed in while building Disneyland, guests are exposed to Disney amenities not even released to the public yet.

Disney Cruise Line is another fabulous way to travel for families.

The best part about cruising is it’s all-inclusive- everything from the food to the activities is paid in advanced- and it’s one of the top stress-relieving ways to travel for families.

You don’t have to put the pressure on yourself to plan so many activities, because Disney has already done the work. There are hundreds of activities and tours planned out for you.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry as much about keeping track of your family when you are all on the same boat! For more information on Disney Travel, check out Tornatore’s website here or