Rare Kidney Disease with Dr. Meyeon Park


On this episode of California Life, we look at rare kidney disease with Dr. Meyeon Park.

Inheriting these diseases might not be rare for a person with a family history of a rare disease. As such, Rare Disease Day is attempting to raise awareness about rare diseases and provide access to care for those who need it. National Kidney Month is in March, and this month tries to bring awareness to the many types of kidney disease, including a rare one known as Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

Rare diseases impact almost 30 million Americans each year. ADPKD is one of the most common, but rare, inherited kidney disorders. According to Nephrologist Dr. Meyeon Park, ADPKD is when “tiny cysts form on the kidney and over time these cysts grow larger and larger overtaking the kidney tissue and compromising its function.”

“Some of the first signs and symptoms can include high blood pressure, blood in the urine that may or may not be visible to the eye, kidney stones, and more flank, back or abdominal pain.”

Dr. Park says

Dr. Park adds that it is important to make sure that your kidney’s are healthy, by going to the doctor and having blood pressure tests and taking blood and urine tests.

Fortunately, there are many management strategies for those living with ADPKD, and you can learn about some of those from your doctor or pkdinfo.com for more information.

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