RC Quakes and The Guy Behind Party PJ


Head on down to the RC Quakes Fan Party as we talk with Party PJ, Jeremiah Hartwig who reminds us just how awesome the fan base really is. Win or lose you can bet there’s always a crowd ready to cheer on The RC Quakes. Hartwig shares his amazing experiences from being in the crowd with his father as a child to helping bring smiles to many fans as they enter the stadium.

” I’m just honored to be a
part of such an incredible organization
that really takes pride in the fan
entertainment and just really strives to
give fans you know the experience they won’t

Jeremiah Hartwig

Many big named professional league players have also made their way onto the Quakes field such as Chirs Taylor, Corey Seager, and Cody Bellinger. With three winning champion seasons under their belt starting in 94′ followed by 2015′, 2018′ keep your eye out on what’s next for The RC Quakes.