Royal Purple Green


On California Life’s 573rd episode, we feature a “Royal Purple Green” segment talking about how to go green with automobiles. JR Ibarra says the routine maintenance of getting an oil change can keep our environment clean.

The oil company, “Royal Purple,” is combining its fuel saving motor oil with an oil filter to help extend oil change intervals and therefore positively impact the environment.

Patrick Burris, a representative from Royal Purple Oil explains their filter also offers a better micron rating, which Burris says is “how clean the oil filter is capable of cleaning.” Royal Purple’s micron rating, according to Burris, is better than anything offered on the market right now.

This filter takes the regular oil change mileage from 3,000 miles to 12,000 miles. In the long run, this will positively impact the environment and car owners’ maintenance cost.

Gonzalo Topete of “GTR Performance” in Rancho Cucamonga says he believes this new filter is “beneficial for any motorist.”