Santa Lucia International Festival


Festival Santa Lucia is a spectacular seven week event held every year in Monterrey, Mexico that celebrates the art. Last year’s event attracted more than a million people. 

David Wylie talked to Lorenia Canavati von Borstel, President of Festival Santa Lucia.

With the COVID pandemic, there has to be a new approach to the festival. 

This is the 13th year of the festival. They call the Festival “The art to the street” because everything happens in the street.  This includes 85 cultural and artistic events, in 32 locations. There are more than 340 artists involved in the festival. At the end of this fascinating  event  there are four concerts.  

This year the festival included a drone show. There were 65 drones and eco friendly fireworks, which lit up the sky. 

Festival Santa Lucia is all online and available to stream on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, until the end of November with new performances every weekend.