Support Small Businesses


In addition to the obvious impact on public health, COVID-19 has caused major economic shock. Small business owners are working harder than ever to keep their business afloat and running smoothly during this difficult time.  

If ever there was a time when small business owners needed a boost, we’re living in it. But as the year that has dealt countless small businesses blow after blow finally comes to a close, many owners are finding light at the end of the tunnel in Q4. This year, Amazon designed Prime Day to focus on small businesses. With the help of a $100M investment in small business success from Amazon, the company’s small business selling partners we’re included in a “Spend $10, Save $10” promotion leading up to Prime Day. We will be able to share with your audience how much money was spent on Small Business during Prime day and how much the Spend $10 Save $10 promotion aided these businesses during this crucial time. Columnist and Small Business Expert Gene Marks will be available to share his perspective on the impact this investment will have on participating small and medium businesses, as well as:    

  •    Hopeful statistics regarding small business success – including average increases of 60% in sales over last year and more than 2.2M jobs created
  • Which states boast the most digital entrepreneurs, and which states saw the largest sales boost
  • Tips for small business owners looking to start or expand their online sales presence
  • The best ways to support small businesses in the holiday shopping season