See Why You Should Travel To Ireland – Featuring Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Tourism Minister


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the holiday, take an escape to the scenic country and hear what Minister for Tourism Travel and Sport, Leo Varadkar has to say about Irish tradition and travel.

On our show this week, Ireland’s tourism minister visits Los Angeles to share why Americans should consider taking an adventure to the dynamic country of Ireland.

Take a quick escape to view the Irish countryside, enjoy the cultural icons like Van Morrison and One Direction, meet the warm and friendly people, see the urban nightlife and enjoy the beautiful landscapes on our show this week.

Plus, did you know you might qualify for Irish citizenship? Learn more about why you should research your roots. Check out Heather Dawson’s story in the segment and see which recent president has Irish roots that might surprise you.

See Why You Should Travel To Ireland: Travel Spotlight


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