Vocal Coach-to-the-Stars Keeps Music’s Biggest Names in Business


California Life’s Audra Stafford shows us how the Voice Health Institute is helping some of music’s biggest names stay in business.

From left: Roger Daltrey (The Who) Paul Stanley (Kiss), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) Dr. Steven Zeitels, Christina Perri,  Joe Buck

When it comes to the music industry, every singer’s worst nightmare is losing their voice. This heartbreaking reality has affected so many of music’s biggest names from The Who to Christina Perri.

Vocal-coach for ABC’s Nashville Valerie Morehouse says protecting the vocal chords starts with proper technique.

From Left: Joe Buck and Heather Dawson

Morehouse is a huge proponent of vocal health and her method not only increases the singer’s range and technical ability, but also keeps the voice healthy while maintaining the singer’s signature sound.

Dr. Steven Zeitels being interviewed by Heather Dawson. 

To learn more about how the Voice Health Institute is keeping some of music’s biggest names in business, watch the youtube video below or catch the full episode of California Life Hd airing this week.

Vocal Health Institute on California Life HD

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