Set sail on the Carnival Splendor, protect yourself from cyber attacks with Celebrity Business Expert Bill Rancic, discover the fast food capital of the world and more! All on this week’s episode of California Life


This week on California Life with Heather Dawson, set sail on the Carnival Splendor for the perfect family getaway.

Find out why San Bernardino is the true home of McDonald’s – making it the fast food capital of the world. Plus, see why Oscar buzz has surrounded Michael Keaton for his portrayal of Ray Kroc in the movie Founder.

And with technology affecting our daily lives, cyber attacks have been on the rise. Learn how to protect yourself and your family with Celebrity Business Expert Bill Rancic.

Then, California Life asks the question, could you have a better marriage in 30 days? A book from San Diego Pastor Bob Botsford hopes to bring meaning back to the wedding vow, “for better or for worse.”

Plus, see why Mother’s Day came early for a quadruple amputee patient. And, the inspiring success story of Self-Published Author, Shirley Hickman.

Then finally, keeping our planet green: see how your leftovers affect our landfills. All this and more airing nationwide on California Life with Heather Dawson – watch the full segment below for the best of California.