Shawn Mendes named the world’s most-loved young celebrity


Canadian singer Shawn Mendes was found to be the most-loved high-earning celebrity aged under 30, following a global online sentiment analysis.

– The study involved looking at emoji reactions to online articles around the featured stars, to reveal which young celebs are the most loved by fans. 

– Articles covering Mendes held the highest proportion of love reactions (96%), compared to Ariana Grande’s 94%, Billie Eilish’s 93%, and Justin Bieber’s 84%.

– Meanwhile, influencer Danielle Bernstein saw the highest proportion of angry reactions (24%), and actress Daisy Ridley held the saddest reactions (11%).

Shawn Mendes has been named the world’s most loved high-earning celeb aged under 30, as he saw the highest proportion of love reactions to articles around his career and lifestyle. Self-Made Celebs takes a look at the background of young high-earning celebs to see which boasts the closest similarity to the average star featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 lists and also reveals how they’re received by fans online. Mendes saw more love reactions to articles about him than any other star analyzed in the study, at an impressive 96%, while other loved celebs included Ariana Grande (94% love reactions), Billie Eilish (93% love reactions), and Justin Bieber (84% love reactions). The sentiment analysis was conducted over global articles over the last year, with the 23,797 news stories written about the star covering topics like his recent collab with Justin Bieber, his AMAs performance, and his lockdown excursions with girlfriend Camila Cabello. 

In fact, Mendes proved popular across the board, as on top of his love reactions (96%), he also saw ‘haha’ reactions (2%), ‘wow’ reactions (1%), and sad reactions (1%) – while reporting no angry reactions to suggest fans are unhappy with his activity. On the other end of the scale, it was fashion blogger and influencer Danielle Bernstein who saw the highest proportion of angry reactions at almost a quarter (24%), while American footballer Carson Wentz saw the most ‘haha’ reactions at 61%. The study looked at the top 20 highest-earning celebrities aged under 30 across various categories, including music, acting, sports, and social media. The top ten most loved young celebs by the proportion of love reactions
1- Shawn Mendes (96%)2- Ariana Grande (94%)3 – Billie Eilish  (93%)4 – Justin Bieber (84%)5 – Naomi Osaka (82%)6 – Avani Gregg (82%)7 – Harry Styles (77%)8 – Letitita Wright (72%)9 – Kylie Jenner (72%)10 – Tom Holland (67%)

As well as looking at the online sentiment, the study compared the background of the high-earning youngsters to that of the average celeb featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, to see if the stars had a high likelihood of success, or if they worked to beat the odds.

This analysis revealed that it’s Billie Eilish who’s the closest match to the ideal celeb, as her background – including birthplace, birth date, ethnicity, and age – bears a staggering 95% resemblance to that of the average star accoladed on historical Forbes lists since 2017.

Shawn Mendes also held a high likelihood of success, as his background proved a 76% match to Forbes’ ideal star – compared to Harry Styles’ moderate 58%.

To find out more about the Self-Made Celebs study, please visit the full breakdown here.