Spruce up your outdoor space just in time for summer with tips from a lifestyle expert


Nothing beats an outdoor party this time of year, and if your outdoor space needs a little TLC before you post your next gathering, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

New furniture and accessories always look great, but knowing when its time to invest can be confusing. Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew helps us understand when it is time to be out with the old and in with the new.

She says that you must first assess your outdoor space. Make sure your cushions are in good shape, assess whether or not you have appropriate seating, check for mildew, and make sure your lawn and your garden is in good order make sure any puddles of water are gone so you don’t have a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Once your yard and the furniture are in good shape, it is time to spruce things up for company.

Mayhew says outdoor lighting is key whether you’re hanging little twinkling lights in trees, or having lots of lanterns or candles around. You can either do wax candles that you light yourself or opt for solar candles, you just leave them outside and they’ll power up.

Another take on lighting are fire pits, and they are big in outdoor entertaining right now. Not only is it a nice place for people to congregate, but it is also very cozy.

She says fire pits are not only a great aesthetic, but also practical for entertaining. You can make smores with it or just use it to stay warm on chilly nights.

Mayhew has partnered with Big Lots to pull together outdoor settings, and says that one thing that you really want to make sure is that you have some place for everyone to sit. Judge how many people you’re having and the seating you have.

She suggests if you are going to invest in furniture to buy pieces with solid cushions for a longer lasting, more classic look. You can always add colorful throw pillows in and around to give your outdoor seating a fresh new look, without breaking the bank.

For more party decorating ideas visit Big Lot’s website or watch the clip below.