Follow the unique life of the late Elaine Stritch in her documentary “Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me”


Her career on both stage and screen spanned decades, and the late Elaine Stritch’s own life takes center stage in her documentary.

Stritch was known for being outrageous and one of a kind. Fellow comedian and actress Tina Fey has referred to her as confident, brassy, stylish and gorgeous.

Elaine Stritch made her broadway debut in 1946. In addition to a prolific stage career she appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. She also worked with everyone from Rock Hudson to Alec Baldwin.

Towards the end of her life is when the documentary, “Elaine Stretch: Shoot Me” aired, and it shed light on some of the struggles Stritch was dealing with behind her big personality.

Stitch said, “It’s hard enough to remember Sondheim’s lyrics when you don’t have diabetes.”

The documentary follows Stritch through the ups and downs, onstage and off.

“Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me” is available on iTunes and on Video On Demand. For more on the documentary watch the clip below.