Stand Together is Committed to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty


Airing: Episode 484, Week of Saturday March 9, 2019

Across the country millions of men, women and children are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. According to the US Census Bureau in 2017 over 39 million people, one in nine Americans were living below the poverty line. Traditional solutions just aren’t working. Across the country over 40 million people are living in poverty, with seemingly little opportunity to improve their lives.

While we all agree something needs to be done, it can be overwhelming. There are thousands of organizations across the country providing aid but which ones are providing long-term lasting results?

Stand Together is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and helping people realize their potential. Evan Feinberg of Stand Together in the month of January alone, National Poverty Awareness month, made over twenty million dollars in commitments to these effective non-profit organizations across the country.

It’s just a fraction of what we’re going to do, this year alone we also announced a brand new initiative called our Giving Together Initiative. Throughout 2019 Stand Together will match all donations up to one thousand dollars, until they reach their goal of ten million dollars.