“The Christmas Challenge” is the best holiday rom-com to watch this season


It’s that time of year again! What better way to spend Christmas with family and friends than to watch a Holiday-themed romantic comedy?

This year, The Christmas Challenge (2022) is streaming just in time for the holiday season.

Podcast host and independent woman Laura always tries to show people how you can do things by yourself. She’s proud to live a life on her terms.

Inspired by the Advent calendar, Laura puts herself to the test and does a Christmas challenge every day.

Through daily Christmas activities (caroling, visiting Santa Claus), Laura discovers that she really should be doing Christmas with the people she loves, especially her producer and longtime best friend, Paul!

Actors Jennica Schwartzman and Zack Gold have fantastic chemistry on screen. Jennica’s character shows the huge risk Laura has to take as someone who preaches solitude but is suddenly catching feelings.

She starts the challenges by herself but slowly learns to lean in and open her heart to new opportunities- and people.

The cast enjoyed doing as many Christmas traditions as possible. Although they filmed in Nashville in February and March, they miraculously got a snowstorm just before filming. It sure put them in the holiday spirit to make Christmas movie magic!

The movie sends a great message. With so much to do around the holidays, we need to slow down and spend quality time with others. That’s when Laura realized what she truly wanted this Christmas.

Everybody loves a Christmas rom-com, which is excellent for the whole family! You can watch this with kids, grandparents, and just about anybody.

So sit down with some popcorn and hot chocolate and share this movie with the people you love. Streaming on UP Faith & Family, iTunes, Vudu, Roku, and YouTube.

Watch California Life’s Elise Thuresson’s full interview with Director Hunter West and Jennica Schwartzman in the link below.