The Most Haunted Places in San Francisco with Ghost Hunter Jim Fassbinder


Monique Soltani introduces us to a real ghost rider in San Francisco.

The city by the bay has been taken over by the creatures of the night. San Fran is known to have ghosts that you can visually see from the San Francisco Bay and see a number of haunted places.

The hunt is on this Halloween to find ghosts and ghouls.

The first stop is Queen Anne Hotel, where the ghost here has been haunting for over 100 years. It was originally opened as an all girls school in 1891, where Miss Mary Lake still haunts.

She looks after the hotel guests, tuck them, stroke them, grab their hair, she’ll rub your arms and give them comfort. This is strange for a ghost, but it’s a very safe and intriguing way for people to experience a ghost up in room 401, which was Mary Lake’s former office.

There are a number of accounts of people staying in that room and having the blankets tucked around in around them.

All kinds of things have happened here, with many reports.

The San Francisco Bay is filled with haunts that are sure to scare you.