The scary reality that “Blue Bayou” addresses


Travel down to the deep south in “Blue Bayou,” where we meet an international adoptee, Antonio.

Anotnio unfortunately got into some trouble as a teen which causes some problems for him now as he is already struggling to support a family of his own.

His wife’s ex, who also happens to be a racist cop, gives them some trouble at a grocery store and dangers not only his future, but his families as well.

Actor, writer, and director Justin Chon says he based this script after real-life scenarios of Korean-American adoptees who were deported because they did not have proper adoption papers.

Blue Bayou is set to premier at the Cannes Film Festival and stars actors such as oscar-winning Alicia Vikander who plays Antonio’s pregnant wife.

This intense film asks tough questions from the audience as they’re forced to question the future of this family.