The secret to healthy skin & how to end tax season with a healthy bank account ~ All this and more on this weeks episode of California Life


Airing this week on California Life with Heather Dawson ~ We highlight a new procedure called Pelleve, a pain free product that makes achieving a healthy glow a whole lot easier.

Kids these days have a lot on their plates and little downtime. With assessment tests coming up, see what you can do to help your child excel during this stressful time.

Also, as the tax season is coming to an end, we feature what you need to know about tax deadlines.

Plus, we speak with United Healthcare’s Director of Health and Wellness to find out how sticking to healthy New Year’s Resolutions is not only good for you, but also good for your wallet.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards we catch up with Dry Creek Vineyards, a behind the scenes favorite during awards season bringing their newest flavors to the palates of the stars.

Want to know how to be as smooth as the guys on the six o’clock news? Learn how business executives are turning to media trainers to acquire and hone their skills.

Tune into this weeks episode of California Life with Heather Dawson for all this and more or watch the full episode below.