The Value of Journaling During COVID-19


As the fight against COVID-19 progresses, citizens around the globe have had their day-to-day lives upended in an effort to flatten the curve. Forced to stay in their homes with no true end date forthcoming, many adults find themselves battling yet another invisible enemy: loneliness.  

Unclear on where to turn, people have explored all sorts of solutions, but perhaps none of them have had the proven results of journaling. In a recent op-ed, astronaut Scott Kelly explains that NASA has been studying the effects of isolation for decades and have found surprising value in keeping a journal.  

Dr. Stephen David Leonard, a veteran pastor, husband, father, and President/CEO of The Leonard Group recently launched a 30-Day Living Inspired Journal as a way to start a community for those looking for an outlet during these unprecedented times.  He started his journaling journey while sitting in the pediatric intensive care unit with his son, who has a severe genetic disorder, following complications from scoliosis surgery as the country began feeling the impact of Covid-19:

“Scientific studies have proven that journaling can be very effective in times like these when a lot of us are dealing with coronavirus anxiety. Journaling can be a great stress reducer through organising one’s thoughts, clearing one’s mind and facilitating problem-solving while training to think positively”